Q : Is the SuperCable™ an approved medical device?

Q : Is there published data available on the SuperCable™?

Q : What gives the SuperCable™ its unique properties?

Q : What about biocompatibility?

Q : UHMWPE is slippery. Does the cable slide or migrate over time?

Q : How easy is it to remove the cable after implantation?

Q : How is the excess length of cable cut?

Q : Does the cable show up on xrays?

Q : What are the approved indications for use?

Q : Does the cable stay tight after extended periods of implantation?

Q : What about polyethylene wear?

Q : What about hydrolysis of nylon in the body?

Q : What about viscoelastic (i.e. time-dependent) behavior of the polymer cable?

Q : How do we summarize our experience with the cable thus far?

Q : What materials is the cable made from?

Q : What types of surgical applications has the cable been used in?

Q : Can the cable be used with allograft struts, metal plates, or metal grips from other manufacturers?

Q : What is the Tensile Strength of the Supercable?

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